2007 new town, same trails

Looks like the golf course has taken over the old site. New site is on the other side of Rt 7.

Will the "Bead Tent" return?

2006 new festival site

"Mr. Salvucci said that this is the last year at this location and asked if the Board knew of any other place in town. Mr. Walsh suggested that they check into the possibility of using the public property located at the top of Bridge Street."

Still no Disco Tent, but rumors of a "Bead Tent" surface.

2005 the end of The Tent On 3/28/05, Crodog from medway writes:
Well, after a good run the Disco Tent is calling it quits. We tried doing it their way last year, rated PG. It doesn't work. Its been fun and thanks for all the support and great people we have met over the last several years.     Crodog
PS- anyone know of any 21+ mtn bike festival where the Disco Tent can get back to what it was?

2004 Revised conditions didn't stop hundreds of faithfull Disco Tent friends on Saturday night. Among the 4,000 camp sites at Pedros, there is still just one Disco Tent.

2003 The rain never stopped, and neither did the Disco Tent. The new venue for Pedrosfest meant no curfew, and the Disco Tent knew it. Even more generous sponsors help vault our contests to new levels with more shwag and for the first time, a cash prize. The table suffers a minor setback when two boards break but remains standing.

2002 We have sponsors!! Generous sponsors now make it possible to give away shwag and have competitions. The phrase 'skin to win' becomes synonymous with these events. The table survives the year unscathed.

2001 We came prepared with a bigger tent, lights, and a DJ. We were shocked and proud to have more then 300 people in attendance for the Saturday night events (it was ladies night after all). The now infamous picnic table collapses Friday night. It was rebuilt in time for Saturday only to meet the same demise.

2000 Characterized for its identifiable dance lights flashing to the sounds of the popular music blaring from our little radio, our campsite party was dubbed the "Disco Tent" by the Mudhens lead singer. Our little party tent was a mystery then, its title known to many, but its location thought to be a fairytale.

1999 The "Disco Tent" began humbly in 1999 as an informal meeting of friends and a stranger with one keg and a campsite.

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