Pedrosfest know-how

Don't worry. You are with friends. You will probably never find a larger collection of bike-minded nuts like you in one place. If you find yourself in a jam, of any kind, there is probably someone nearby who can give you a hand.

Bring beer. You cannot bring enough beer. You're not an alcoholic if you start after 12 noon. Your shorts should have pockets large enough to carry a few spare cans. You don't want to walk back to your cooler too many times.

Shit stinks. The port-a-pottys look and smell OK on Thursday night, but by Sunday... Camp with care.

The cool kids have ramps. If you want to camp with the cool people, look for the moving van full of wood. When your pulling in to Pedrosfest, ask where the party side is. The folks who run the show try to make a family side and a party side.

Watch out for bees. During the day, bees will be out, and looking for some beer. Always drink from a cup during the day. At night, bees seem to go to bed.

Bring food. Nothing says "Pedrosfest" like over eating. Bring lots of food for those near you who aren't as prepared as readers.

You don't have to bring a bike. Although Pedrosfest is a mountain bike festival, there is nothing that says you need to do any riding. You may find there are too many parties going on to get any bike rides in.

Frozen t-shirt contest. It sure sounds like it would be hot. If you're into fat guys trying to get a water bottle out of a iced up t-shirt, check this one out.

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